Do you know any questions in English, about the weather, feelings, days of the week, the months……?


Connais-tu des questions en anglais, sur la météo, les sentiments, les jours de la semaine, les mois……?

Take a moment to think about all the questions that you already know = Prends un moment pour réfléchir toutes les questions que tu connais déjà.

For example:

Q. What’s the ___________ like _________?  R. _____  sunny.

Q. What day is it ______________?  R. It’s _____________

Q. How are ______?    R. I’m ___________

We now continue our book « Follow the line ». = Nous continuons maintenant notre livre « Suivre la ligne ».


…. to learn about ANIMALS and the different places they live in the WORLD.
Elephants live in Africa and Asia.  How many elephants can you see?
Many chickens live on farms.   What other animals here might live on a farm?
Whales live in the ocean.  What other animals shown here live in the water?

Greetings = Salutations


Consigne:  Now print the page below if you can and fill in the gaps. = Maintenant imprime la page ci-dessous, si possible, et remplis les vides.


Consigne: Listen to the song and follow the words below.

California dreamin paroles bi-langue