Questions rituelles :

Question 1 :  When is your birthday ? = C’est quand ton anniversaire?

Réponse 1 : My birthday is in …(+ month).

Question 2 : What’s your favourite animal? = Quel est ton animal préféré?

Réponse 2 : My favourite animal is ……..

Question 3 : What is it? = Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Réponse 3 : It’s a …… = C’est un(e) …….


Question : What is it?

Réponse : It’s a crocodile.



My Mum

Consigne :  Regarde l’histoire « My Mum » = Ma maman.

My mum. 

She’s nice, my mum.      
My mum’s a fantastic cook,  
and a brilliant juggler.
She’s a great painter,
and the strongest woman in the world!
She’s really nice my mum.
My mum’s a magic gardener,
she can make ANYTHING grow,
and she is a good fairy.
When I am sad she can make me happy.
She can sing like an angel,
and ROAR like a lion.
She’s really, really nice my mum.
My mum’s as beautiful as a butterfly,
and as comfy as an armchair.
She’s as soft as a kitten,
and as tough as a rhino.
She’s really, REALLY, REALLY nice my mum.
My mum could be a dancer,
or an astronaut.
She could be a filmstar or the big boss but she’s my mum.
…and she makes me laugh a lot!
I love my mum and do you know what?
She loves me, and she ALWAYS will.



Consigne:  Dans l’histoire My Mum, la maman était comparée à quelques animaux.  Écoute et répète l’audio tout en regardant la fiche avec les animaux ci-dessous.

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